Imagine you had the power to predict what a shopper would want before they knew they wanted it.

Halla is the world’s only human preference engine designed specifically for grocery.
In 2016, Halla was formed to help grocers better understand and answer the fundamental human query, How do people decide what to eat? Today, Halla’s industry-leading Taste Intelligence engine helps shoppers intuitively find the grocery items they want while increasing basket size and shopping frequency.

Our team and advisor experts have diverse and deep backgrounds in data science, AI, food retail, CPG and grocery making us uniquely qualified to be the resource for digital transformation in the grocery industry.

We believe that our technology should enchant the shopper, reduce friction and increase sales for the grocer, and ultimately to spark curiosity and wonder for both.

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Software Engineer

SaaS Specialist will be responsible for the development, testing and maintenance of Halla’s cloud services.

Data Specialist will be responsible for development, testing and maintenance of Halla’s data, knowledge and analytics processing and flows.

Solutions Engineer

As our first Solutions Engineer hire, you will be at the forefront of helping customers recognize the value of Halla via pre- and post-sales support while helping identify solutions that grow Halla’s reach. You will be responsible for the technical relationships with our customers and prospects and you will partner with Halla sales and internal developers to identify, communicate, and develop solutions to meet customers’ business needs. You must know the Halla Solutions inside and out and be able to build on the technology to solve business needs for levels of customer organizations from technical contributors to executives.