Solutions that map 1:1 to shopper behaviors

Halla Intelligence

Search, Recommend, Substitute

Our APIs deliver seamless plug-and-play integration into any existing digital environment including online, digital marketing + media, smart cart, scan + go and more.

Halla Search

The first natural language processing (NLP) search engine developed for grocery that works by interpreting intent, not just matching keyword hits. Shoppers can use descriptive words (like crunchy, nutty or spicy) when searching to retrieve products with specific characteristics. Product discovery becomes intuitive and enjoyable. Results are prioritized by each consumer’s unique preferences and household objectives, not just by what’s popular with other shoppers.

Halla Recommend

Returns contextually relevant complementary products when and where shoppers are likeliest to buy. Results change dynamically and instantly as a shopper adds items to their cart, browses various aisles, or views specific products. Each action taken by a shopper on a product can result in an entirely new set of recommendations shown, ordered intelligently to maximize customer satisfaction. Use across channels from omnichannel media strategies to a simple product page.

Halla Substitute

Our engine identifies the most similar and personally relevant replacement products available and within the context of real-time inventory. This takes the burden of choosing the perfect replacement off the retailer, which significantly reduces friction between the customer and the picker and increases customer satisfaction. Improve customer experience by never substituting a bad product and significantly increase fill rates by always having a perfect replacement that intelligently meets a specific consumer need.

This is Halla Intelligence.